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We love what we do - period.

We love to create, design, use new technologies, reimagine, revitalize, solve problems creatively, and most importantly, make an impact in the world. If you’re happy, we’re happy.


Founded in 2013 by Russell, Slam Studio has worked with companies ranging from startups, to multi-billion dollar industry leaders.

Sticking to his core values of respect, positivity, creativity, integrity, honesty, and reliability, Russell has turned Slam Studio into an agency that puts the client and their work above all else. He loves that the elements of design have a powerful impact on the world; not just on brand perceptions, but on people’s lives, and does all that he can to help companies make the world a better place.

We keep it nimble

In order to pass savings onto you, we keep the team small and nimble. Don’t be fooled by our size; we’re a small studio, but the team seamlessly shifts and collaborates with partners to tackle projects of any size.

We love

Challenges, creativity, open-minded clients, hard and honest work, direct feedback, collaboration, new technology, innovation, building long-lasting relationships, and success.

We don’t like

Rude and unconstructive feedback, impossible deadlines (though tight deadlines are totally ok!), ignorance, and working for free unless, of course, it’s for a good cause!

Let’s build something amazing together.