What we did

Logo Design
Digital Design


Glow Events is a boutique event planning firm specializing in creative decor design. They organize and design materials for events ranging from weddings, to corporate yacht parties, bar/bat-mitzvahs, investor summits, and more.

The challenge

With such different clientele, the Glow team faced the challenge of visually catering to the high-end market without alienating the families and small companies looking to plan an event.

The solution

We designed a single refreshed logo and style guide that conveyed a luxe/boutique brand personality, but was flexible enough to tone down to become a delicate and approachable to smaller clients. We implemented the following:

  • A unique font that speaks to a high-end client such as a bank, while also speaking to brides and parents hosting events for their children,
  • A typographic system that has strong hierarchy and uses highlights to draw attention to the right information at the right time,
  • A flexible grid system to create dynamic yet structured layouts; and
  • Large photography blocks to show relevant imagery.

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