What we did

Web Design


The in[HEIR]itance Project performs plays all over the U.S. and wants to engage the public in group activities by sharing their ideas with educators and professionals through their site. This site also showcases their local impacts and submissions for the activities offered.

The challenge

The IN[HEIR]ITANCE project needed a website that would allow communities to engage with each other, share/find content, and find upcoming shows. Without a website, the organization was struggling to reach participants in prospective locations.

The solution

Working with the IN[HEIR]ITANCE team, we designed and developed a website that conveys a sense of discovery and community to draw in actors, play writers, and volunteers and inspired them to register for upcoming shows. This was accomplished in the following ways:

  • A unique and interactive map showing past and future shows that linked to materials, videos, and more,
  • Large photographs that captured the excitement and intimacy of the shows/programs,
  • Direct, inspirational messaging that educates and motivates people to join; and,
  • Simple page design that is engaging and delivers information in a fun, consumable way.

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Key Team Members

Russell Graf, and Adam Shaw