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Industrial and Technology Assistance Corporation (ITAC) is a non-profit consulting company in New York City, that works on training manufacturing and technology companies on a variety of topics that make them competitive.

The challenge

As a company that offers services in modernizing and streamlining businesses, it was imperative that they had a website of their own that was up-to-date and easy to use. However, when ITAC contacted us, their website was outdated, had redundant sub menus, and was nonresponsive. Additionally, their marketing materials were not designed in a visually capturing and stylized manner.

The solution

Through a competitive brand analysis, it was determined that the usage of bright colors, simple icons and real photography of employees would allow ITAC to stand out from their competitors. The norm for their industry is using shades of blues and grays and the a focus on cityscapes and machinery.

With this insight, we updated their website, brand guidelines, logo and all marketing materials. By doing so, we created a consistent brand design and message that has helped ITAC show their expertise in a beautiful manner.

branding guidelines
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