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JQY is a nonprofit organization supporting lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBTQ) Jews and their families in the Orthodox community. They are dedicated to cultivating a Jewish community where no one feels alone, bullied or silenced because of their orientation or gender identity.

The challenge

JQY wanted to design a new website that would be primarily geared towards teens. Most of these teens are searching to learn about themselves and their options, or trying to find a secret support group where they could escape the scrutiny of their community. In addition, JQY was interested in becoming a hub of resource for schools, families and community leaders.

Their old website was extremely difficult to use, especially for teens and mobile viewers. A new responsive website and more friendly branding was desperately needed.

The solution

We dug deep to completely understand their needs as well as the goals, to create a user flow for each potential visitor. JQY went through a total rebrand and was given a friendly and inviting aesthetic. In order to capture both the attention of teens and adults, we incorporated the following:

  • Bold and easy to read sans serif typography,
  • A bright and cheery color palette,
  • Photo heavy pages, which gives a friendly, human, and relatable element to a sensitive subject,
  • Easy to use forms, which allow users of all skill levels find the correct information with no struggle; and
  • Mobile friendly design to use on the go.

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Key Team Members

Russell Graf,  Sam Sheova, and Justin Shaddix