What we did

Web Design


PARK makes luxury accessories for the sporting life. Their primary need was a new website that would accentuate just how beautiful their products are.

The challenge

As a high-end accessories company with less than 20 items, it was important to feature each item with and craft a story for each lifestyle.  The user should be able to see the highly intricate detail that goes into the construction of each item.

Their old website did not accomplish this.

The solution

Working with the Park team, we designed a website that gives each product a unique and luxurious feel by:

  • Showing no more than one product on screen at a time to focus the user on each item,
  • Injecting the product into lifestyle images rather than isolated on a white background,
  • Dissecting  the product into it’s basic elements and creating a story for every material; and,
  • Crafting an overall story that travels through the website and physical store.

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Key Team Members

Russell Grafand Adam Shaw