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The East Bali Experience program creates educational experiences for groups to learn about sustainable community empowerment while exploring and adventuring in the untouched hillsides of East Bali. They create employment opportunities in an area where jobs are scarce, with all the profits going to educational initiatives in the community.

The challenge

Beyond the well known tropical paradise of Bali lies a hidden side that’s remote and impoverished. The East Bali Center for Community Development is a group of activists and entrepreneurs bringing employment and education to this isolated region. Its goal is to achieve social good as part of a successful business model. The East Bali Center needed a website and strategy that would promote its new service-learning program, draw participants to enroll, and at the same time, tell a compelling story that would inspire people to join as the next generation of global change-makers. 

east bali statue

The solution

Working with the East Bali team, we designed and developed a website that conveys a sense of discovery to draw adventure-seekers in and inspire them to register for the program. This was accomplished in the following ways:

  • A unique, full-screen navigation to immerse users in the vibrant cultural and local flavors of East Bali.
  • Large photographs and stunning drone video footage to inspire a sense of adventure.
  • Direct, inspirational messaging that educates and motivates people to become change-makers.
  • Simple page design that is engaging and delivers information in a fun, consumable way.

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Key Team Members

Russell Graf, Sam Sheova, Sade Adeyina, and Justin Shaddix