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A nonprofit program operating in the NYC Public Schools, Futureconnect gives the opportunity to middle school students to interact with industry professionals through hands-on-activities and workplace visits. All professionals donate their time  to help educate the next generation of doctors, artists, accountants, and more.

The challenge

Though FutureConnect needed to be playful enough to attract the attention of children and parents, the true target for the branding and website design were industry professionals and donors. Without them, it would be impossible to host sessions. After all, they were donating 3-4 hours on a Sunday to teach the children.

The aim for all pieces created was to direct people to the website where they can learn more, and more importantly, sign up and donate.

The solution

We designed a suite of logos, branding, and website that conveys a sense of playfulness and child-friendly aesthetics, but speaks seriously about the benefits of this program to the professionals and donors. To convince all audiences to join the program, we implemented the following:

  • A photo and illustration heavy website with unique hand drawn icons from the children themselves,
  • A playful and curvy site that draws the user downwards toward the CTA for leading a session,
  • Highly informative and digestible information on each page which gives a full picture of the benefits,
  • Features of past sessions and professionals to show the scale of this effort and to give ideas to newcomers; and
  • A dedicated session for each type of session where children or adults interested in arts, sciences, medicine (etc.) can find specifically what they’re looking for.

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Key Team Members

Russell Graf, and Erez Davids